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The Design Process

An excellent design is much more than a carefully selected colour palette and some high resolution images. A great design is born out of several key processes -

Brand Recognition

A great website should define a company, and reflect its brand and image.

UX and UI... U what?

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are what keep a user coming back to your website. Our designers look at trends and habits, and understand that good web design should make browsing a site effortless and intuitive.

Wireframing and Concept Development

Once we've agreed on the basic idea for the user interface, we'll plan the site in wireframe. Finally, we'll build on the wireframe to create a stunning, inviting design that will work for web no matter what the platform, browser or device.


Coding a website is actually part of the design. The modern coding practices and frameworks integrate awesome design functionality into your site that not only keeps everything consistent in layout and style but also offers neat animations and page flow that will keep a visitor engaged on your site.

Some Brands We've Made Things for...

Marketing & Strategy

Good marketing can have amazing results but marketing without understanding the marketplace and the audience and without a clear aim is dropping your money in a paper shredder. Sadly, it's all too common.

The marketing and strategy of your website are areas that should be carefully planned, and should be tailored for YOUR company: they should not come from a template created for other companies who target a similar demographic. Both require some serious attention to detail and a strong plan of action.

Content is KING. Writing good content will help you get found for the right reasons. It's all very well getting lots of traffic to your site, but what you need is the right kind of traffic! We can help advise you how to achieve this through good copywriting.

Know your marketplace and your target audience/customer through research. We're careful to understand and investigate who our clients are, who they're aiming to reach and how we can get the target traffic to their website. We talk to our clients, we research their competitors and then we create a bespoke strategy to deliver.

A good website build is crucial to a site being found by Google and the other key search engines. We build sites from the ground up, following all the protocols and practices to ensure our sites are search-engine friendly; hidden (server-side) tags, code and information are just as important as front-end text and links. Where we take over other sites, we can optimise existing code in the same way.

Audience analysis shouldn't stop once the site goes live - we monitor our websites' performance, who visits, where they came from and the keywords and key-phrases they've used. Through analysing and understanding data we can help your site and your business to continually grow and improve. We can also advise and assist in the integration of third party tools such as Google AdWords and paid advertising.

Don't forget offline! People still read newspapers, magazines and locally published media. As part of knowing your audience and your market, we can help design adverts for print, whether it's an ad in a newspaper or magazine, a traditional mailshot, or a flyer or brochure.

These are just some key areas we focus on: we offer much more depending on your needs. Remember, your site, your business and your marketing campaign are unique - the ideal marketing mission and strategy is shaped around your company.

A little about US

The Background

We're a modestly sized digital design agency. We're growing but careful to 'stay small' in the way we care about our clients, the way we focus on our projects and the quality of our work, big enough to manage large projects and not disappear. Come in for a coffee, see the office and meet the full team.

Established in 1999, TRS Design has designed and developed projects throughout the internet revolution. We've grown and evolved as the internet has exploded. Our design team are borderline OCD for detail and our developers are all about the latest trends and the slickest code; it's a pretty good merge of skills and personality that goes into your work.

Our Core Values

Hover or tap any of our values to know more...


What sets us... apart?

We truly believe you're in the best hands if you're working with TRS Design to realise your project.
Here's why:


It starts in the first email or phone call and it never pauses. We're approachable, friendly and we don't throw jargon or buzz words at you. We'll consult, advise and keep you abreast of everything you need to know that's 'web'.


Alongside communication, transparency is very important in business. We believe being honest, guiding you with integrity and trust is key in all client relationships.


We have a great team that we know you'll enjoy working with. We'd rather stay smaller with an expert and friendly team than lose client focus and churn out generic work with no personality.


There's no compromise; we do what's asked, we do it in a realistic timeframe and we do it in the best way possible. We believe our work is the Rolls-Royce of design and development.


Unlike other agencies, we don't use templates (unless asked), we produce unique designs that reflect the individuality of your business. We push the limits of design within the web.

What Our Clients Say...

  • It's not every day you rave about a company, but our experience with TRS has been nothing short of outstanding - we cannot recommend them highly enough.
  • They take the time to understand our requirements and work with us to achieve what we want. We have no hesitation in recommending TRS Design to others!
  • TRS Design came well recommended to me. What impressed me most was that they never fell below that high standard. They were creative, responsive and professional.
  • The guys at TRS Design are a bit different. They do what they are asked to do, they do it within the specified time-frame and the agreed budget. Not only that, they don't suck their teeth if it's an idea that's new to them.

Adrian Bell

Executive Director, Action Impact

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